Andrea Bernasconi

Principal investigator
Research Gate

Dr. Andrea Bernasconi is a neurologist and epileptologist specialized in Neuroimaging of Epilepsy. The overall goal of his research is to demonstrate that advanced MRI techniques lead to major improvements in the management and quality of care of patients with epilepsy who are candidates for surgical treatment. His main activity is devoted to modeling epileptogenic lesions and studying their relationship to brain structure and function. His group has developed computerized MRI analysis methods to identify neuronal migration disorders that are often undetected by conventional imaging.


Decomposing MRI phenotypic heterogeneity in epilepsy: a step towards personalized classification

Atypical functional connectome hierarchy impacts cognition in temporal lobe epilepsy

MRI-based machine learning prediction framework to lateralize hippocampal sclerosis in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy

Altered communication dynamics reflect cognitive deficits in temporal lobe epilepsy

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Whole-brain multimodal MRI phenotyping of periventricular nodular heterotopia

Developmental MRI markers cosegregate juvenile patients with myoclonic epilepsy and their healthy siblings

WONOEP appraisal: Network concept from an imaging perspective

Recommendations for the use of structural magnetic resonance imaging in the care of patients with epilepsy: A consensus report from the International League Against Epilepsy Neuroimaging Task Force

Temporal lobe epilepsy: Hippocampal pathology modulates connectome topology and controllability

A connectome-based mechanistic model of focal cortical dysplasia

Deep Convolutional Networks for Automated Detection of Epileptogenic Brain Malformations

Topographic principles of cortical fluid-attenuated inversion recovery signal in temporal lobe epilepsy

Histological and MRI markers of white matter damage in focal epilepsy

Automated detection of epileptogenic cortical malformations using multimodal MRI

The spectrum of structural and functional network alterations in malformations of cortical development

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Multimodal MRI profiling of focal cortical dysplasia type II

A Surface Patch-Based Segmentation Method for Hippocampal Subfields

The spectrum of structural and functional imaging abnormalities in temporal lobe epilepsy

The superficial white matter in temporal lobe epilepsy: a key link between structural and functional network disruptions

Whole-brain MRI phenotyping in dysplasia-related frontal lobe epilepsy

In vivo MRI signatures of hippocampal subfield pathology in intractable epilepsy.

MRI-Based Lesion Profiling of Epileptogenic Cortical Malformations

Multi-contrast submillimetric 3 Tesla hippocampal subfield segmentation protocol and dataset

Gray matter structural compromise is equally distributed in left and right temporal lobe epilepsy

Subregional Mesiotemporal Network Topology Is Altered in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

Accurate cortical tissue classification on MRI by modeling cortical folding patterns

Magnetic resonance imaging pattern learning in temporal lobe epilepsy: Classification and prognostics

Functional network alterations and their structural substrate in drug-resistant epilepsy

Automated detection of cortical dysplasia type II in MRI-negative epilepsy

Imaging structural and functional brain networks in temporal lobe epilepsy

Spatial patterns of water diffusion along white matter tracts in temporal lobe epilepsy

Structural substrates for resting network disruption in temporal lobe epilepsy

Surface-based multi-template automated hippocampal segmentation: application to temporal lobe epilepsy

Mapping thalamocortical network pathology in temporal lobe epilepsy

Automatic hippocampal segmentation in temporal lobe epilepsy: impact of developmental abnormalities

Vertex-wise shape analysis of the hippocampus: disentangling positional differences from volume changes

Robust Surface-Based Multi-template Automated Algorithm to Segment Healthy and Pathological Hippocampi

Unveiling epileptogenic lesions: the contribution of image processing

Advances in imaging for 'cryptogenic' epilepsies

Cortical thickness analysis in temporal lobe epilepsy: reproducibility and relation to outcome

Thalamo-cortical network pathology in idiopathic generalized epilepsy: insights from MRI-based morphometric correlation analysis

Longitudinal and cross-sectional analysis of atrophy in pharmacoresistant temporal lobe epilepsy

Small focal cortical dysplasia lesions are located at the bottom of a deep sulcus

Surface-based vector analysis using heat equation interpolation: a new approach to quantify local hippocampal volume changes

Surface-based texture and morphological analysis detects subtle cortical dysplasia

Temporal lobe epilepsy: differential pattern of damage in temporopolar cortex and white matter

Basal temporal sulcal morphology in healthy controls and patients with temporal lobe epilepsy

Functional organization of human visual cortex in occipital polymicrogyria

Segmentation of focal cortical dysplasia lesions on MRI using level set evolution

In vivo profiling of focal cortical dysplasia on high-resolution MRI using computational models

Analysis of shape and positioning of the hippocampal formation: an MRI study in patients with partial epilepsy and healthy controls

Progression in temporal lobe epilepsy: differential atrophy in mesial temporal structures

Whole-brain voxel-based statistical analysis of gray matter and white matter in temporal lobe epilepsy

Quantitative analysis of temporal lobe white matter T2 relaxation time in temporal lobe epilepsy

Magnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging of the thalamus in idiopathic generalized epilepsy

Automated detection of focal cortical dysplasia lesions using computational models of their MRI characteristics and texture analysis

MRI volumetry of the thalamus in temporal, extra-temporal and idiopathic generalized epilepsy

Mesial temporal damage in temporal lobe epilepsy: a volumetric MRI study of the hippocampus, amygdala and parahippocampal region

Texture analysis and morphological processing of magnetic resonance imaging assist detection of focal cortical dysplasia in extra-temporal partial epilepsy

Entorhinal cortex in temporal lobe epilepsy: a quantitative MRI study