Ravnoor Gill

PhD Candidate (Neuroscience)
Research Gate

I’m a first year PhD student in the Integrated Program in Neuroscience at McGill University, under the supervision of Drs. Neda, and Andrea Bernasconi. In February 2015, I completed my thesis-based MSc at the Western University in London, Ontario. I received my BEng (Hons.) in Biotechnology at Panjab University in Chandigarh, India, in 2012.

I studied temporal lobe epilepsy in a kainate-based rat model for my Master’s thesis to describe the disruptions of the functional networks using ultra-high field resting-state fMRI.

Currently, at the Neuroimaging of Epilepsy Laboratory at the MNI, I am exploring cortical and sub-cortical features to better characterize malformations of cortical development in MRI-negative epilepsies by using machine learning algorithms on multi-modal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data, with the objective to improve detection rates over the contemporary computational methods and techniques.


Decomposing MRI phenotypic heterogeneity in epilepsy: a step towards personalized classification

Atypical functional connectome hierarchy impacts cognition in temporal lobe epilepsy

MRI-based machine learning prediction framework to lateralize hippocampal sclerosis in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy

Unsupervised machine learning reveals lesional variability in focal cortical dysplasia at mesoscopic scale

Recommendations for the use of structural magnetic resonance imaging in the care of patients with epilepsy: A consensus report from the International League Against Epilepsy Neuroimaging Task Force

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