Seok-Jun Hong

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
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Decomposing MRI phenotypic heterogeneity in epilepsy: a step towards personalized classification

Atypical functional connectome hierarchy impacts cognition in temporal lobe epilepsy

Unsupervised machine learning reveals lesional variability in focal cortical dysplasia at mesoscopic scale

Whole-brain multimodal MRI phenotyping of periventricular nodular heterotopia

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Topographic principles of cortical fluid-attenuated inversion recovery signal in temporal lobe epilepsy

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Multimodal MRI profiling of focal cortical dysplasia type II

The spectrum of structural and functional imaging abnormalities in temporal lobe epilepsy

The superficial white matter in temporal lobe epilepsy: a key link between structural and functional network disruptions

Whole-brain MRI phenotyping in dysplasia-related frontal lobe epilepsy

MRI-Based Lesion Profiling of Epileptogenic Cortical Malformations

Multi-contrast submillimetric 3‚ÄČTesla hippocampal subfield segmentation protocol and dataset

Subregional Mesiotemporal Network Topology Is Altered in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

Accurate cortical tissue classification on MRI by modeling cortical folding patterns

Magnetic resonance imaging pattern learning in temporal lobe epilepsy: Classification and prognostics

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